Mediation of business deals

Several of our consultants are experts in various fields and have many years of experience in doing business in various areas. We can therefore offer our clients the best services, which are naturally demanded. We are able to match requirements with offers available and mediate contracts between companies.

This way, the clients do not need to fear cultural and social differences and can fully pay attention only to the business being made. When the cultural and social differences are especially demanding, we are able to accompany our clients to the desired destinations and meetings, assist in proper correspondence and calling manners, and provide full support.

Being a Czech company, we mainly specialize on the Czech market and industry, being able to mediate deals in both the inward (import and inflow) and outward (export and outflow) direction. Our contacts are wide, worldwide, and once the client chooses our services, we are fully working towards the best kind of deal for his company.

Our experiences and knowledge in areas such as lobbing, international trade, international negotiations, set up and establishment of companies, and many other activities are also a valuable and important feature of services that we are proud to offer.

However, as experts in the field, we are also frequently approached by companies from other European countries, not only Czech Republic. Frequently, we negotiate deals for various international clients from around Europe, as Czech Republic is a proud member of European Union, the cross-border contacts are of important value.
Our Middle Eastern, Balcan and Eastern connections are also very valuable and based on long term business and personal relationships in various countries, industries and areas.

We tend to negotiate business deals directly; however we are very open to all aspects of cultural and social differences, always doing the best for our client.  Naturally, we are able to offer services ranging from full representation of the client all the way to merely preparing all necessary documentation and/or set up needed meetings.  We approach every project on an individual base - no two business deals are the same.

Among our current activities we are proud to be negotiating and participating in a few large international projects in as many as 14 countries, including the
European Union countries - Czech Republic, Germany, UK, Slovenia,  Slovakia
African countries - Benin, Egypt, Nigeria
Middle Eastern countries - Iran
Baltic countries and many other countries.

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